What’s A Central Vacuum System?- 2019 Best Vacuum Systems On The Market

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What’s A Central Vacuum System?

Are you in the market to purchase a new vacuum cleaner for your home? Then look no further. Take a look into a modern upgrade from your traditional carpet cleaning system. What’s A Central Vacuum system explained. Get the inside scoop on how it works, cost savings and over all effectiveness in your home.


What’s a Central Vacuum System?

We all know what a hassle it is to lug a heavy vacuum from room to room. Having to carry it up and down the stairs can be back breaking labor. Not to mention what a pain the always tangled power cord can be, and finding a outlet in each room to plug it in can be a never ending challenge.

If you have ever wanted to know, What’s A central vacuum System, then your are in for a huge surprise. The systems are absolutely amazing.

Run by a small power unit that is usually installed in a utility room, closet, basement or garage, and connected to a series of inlet valves on each level of the home that a 30′-50′ ft. hose is then attached to. The size of unit needed depends solely upon the square footage of your home. All extra cleaning tools are mounted nearby on a wall or location of your choice so they are all easily



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Biggest Advantage


Whats The Biggest Advantage?

Although these units cost more initially compared to a canister or upright vacuum, they have a huge advantage over the competition. The motors that are in these systems are vastly larger than the average 12 amp sweeper vacuums. This means that not only are they Much more powerful, they also last on average between 20-25 years. You tend to replace other vacuums every 2-3 years, making the central vacuum way more cost effective.

Clean Air

Do Central Vacuum Systems Clean The Air?

When exhausted outside of the home and paired with a HEPA filter, the central vacuums can eliminate 100% of bacteria and allergen particles in the air. Making the air your family breathes in so much safer,. Built with cyclonic suction, the power of these units is profound, leaving your overall home that much cleaner.


Due to the fact this vacuum system is stationary, your will save so much time when it comes to cleaning. The unit is totally customizable to your home. You choose what attachments your need based on your home flooring. No more wasted attachments your will never use. From thick carpeting to hardwood flooring or tile there is an attachment available.

The weight difference is significantly less that traditional sweepers, saving your from heavy lifting and injury that uprights and canisters can cause.

Hoses & Power Nozzles

Every day general cleaning of hardwood flooring, linoleum and tile floors you will use the correct flooring attachment and a standard central vacuum hose that come in lengths up to 50′. This hose is attached to a standard inlet Valve. What this means is that there is no electricity brought through the hose. Saving your even more money over time.

If your are cleaning a heavier dense type of carpet your then will need a power nozzle. The hose for the power nozzle has an electrical 6 ft long pigtail connection attached that is plugged into an outlet. With this type of hose your can use either a standard or super inlet valve.

When Using a super valve, electrical wiring is needed for power to the hose.


In the end

In the end, the central vacuum system is hands down the most innovative system in all sweeper units. You truley will get the most bang for your buck. Plus with all the advantages your will gain with air quality, use of ease and durability, your cant go wrong.

These central vacuums are the most convenient long-lasting vacuum systems your will ever see on the market. They are made by trusted companies we all know and love, like Prolux, Electrolux, Beam and Hayden.


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