Saavy Saver-Candles- How To Get Your Moneys Worth Out Of Your Favorite Candles

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Anyone who truly knows me will attest to the fact that I am addicted to Candles. I can’t help myself. No matter where I am, if there is a candle sale going on, I will be the first in line spending my last dime on the latest scent. When I walk through the doors of a scent shop, It’s as if I have died and went through the pearly gates of candle heaven bliss.When I say I love all types of candles, I am not kidding. Big, small, food scented, flower power, homeopathic, you name it I have bought them all. I am pretty sure that my entire family have become immune to the endless waves of every and all smells you can imagine.


Although most smell fantastic, I still have a huge weakness for the Bath and Body Works Line. Now don’t get me wrong, I also have a full line Up of Bath and Body Works, lotions, hand sanitizers, Body Wash… You name it, I most likely have it in my hoarder stash of smelltopia.


I will admit that I watch my email every so closely for those fantastic coupons and upcoming Holiday sales. As much as I love shopping, I never pay full price for anything. On those glorious discount days at Bath and Body, you can always find me head deep online shopping or knee-deep in scents right there in the store.

Once I make my ever so careful purchases using every trick and coupon in the book,( a savvy shopper would never pay full price), I can’t wait to get my precious stock pile of candle yumminess home.

One, two, three at I time I light those beauties up. Day and night they flicker and swirl their aroma throughout my home. For a limited time I feel at peace. All is well in my world.

Then it happens, my day of candle sadness comes. The flame dies down and all that is left of my beloved Bath and Body Candle goodness is 1 inch of heaven and a burnt out wick. Sheer horror!!

Now being the penny-pinching shopper that I am, I had to come up with a plan to use up every last bit of that precious wax left deep down inside those beautiful jars. Some of these precious gems are only seasonal and I am getting every last drop out of the depths of that jar if it kills me!

There are at least 3 more hours of burn time and at least $3-$4 dollars puddled at the bottom and I refuse to just throw it away.

Then out of the blue, it hit me! I knew how to savor every last drop of wax, plus save money at the same time! It was a no brainer.


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