Saavy Shopper Candles Part 2. Getting your Moneys Worth Out Of Your Candles

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My love of shopping and candles has brought me the question of how can I get my moneys worth out of the products that I buy. In this case it happens to be my favorite candles. With so much left over wax in the bottom of each jar, it is a shame to waste it, not to mention a lot like throwing money down the toilet. I Had to come up with something simple and practical to utilize every last ounce of precious wax. After  racking my brain for ideas that were not time-consuming and relatively easy to master, this is what I finally have come up with.

Not only do I  have an addiction to my candles, I also love anything that makes my house smell amazing. So included in my stockpile of goodies, I also have Wax cubes I use in my warmers. These also can be quite expensive over time and to be honest they don’t last very long in my opinion. While brainstorming on what to do with my leftover wax from my candles, it occurred to me that I could melt it down and use this said wax in my candle warmers. By doing this, I not only could enjoy the candles I buy but I would get every last drop from the jar and really get my moneys worth by re purposing it into wax cubes.


These are the simple steps I took:


  1. GATHERING SUPPLIES– I began by gathering up all of my leftover jars of candles that contained any wax. Then I grouped them into matching scents. Once I had them in groups, I used a butter knife and began scoring the wax inside each jar until the wax came loose. Once it was broke into pieces, I poured all the pieces of wax into one jar separated by scents. I gathered all my candle warmer cube containers I had,( which was only one at this time because I never thought about saving them before). I had to improvise containers for the addition jars of melted wax. I ended up using small disposable single serve bread pans.
  2. MELTING THE WAX– My first step was to get a small sauce pan and fill it about 1\2 way up with water. I then placed on of my candles inside the pot and brought it to a small rolling boil. You want to keep the heat turned down so that you are not splashing any of the water from the pan inside the candle jar. I let each jar boil until all the wax became liquid.
  3. THE POUR- Once all the wax was fully melted, I carefully removed each jar with a rag. (carefully, this stuff is hot!!) I then poured the wax into the containers. For the original wax container, I filled each square level until each one was full. Moving over to my bread pan, I filled each one up till it was around 1 inch deep. I then repeated the above steps for each scent.
  4. COOLING OFF- I ended up letting each container cool overnight. The original wax containers where complete once they were cool of and had set up perfectly. The bread pans I used released the wax easily by turning them upside down into my hand. I then used a butter knife to carefully cut each bar of wax into 1×1 chunks of wax cubes. I used the left over candle jars to store each scent of wax warmer cubes.



With what leftover wax I had from my candles, I was able to make enough warmer cubes to equal about 5 full containers. That’s almost $40 I saved!!!!


Easy as Pie!!! I really got my moneys worth and it was super easy to do. I don’t think I will ever have to purchase another candle wax warmer cube in this lifetime! Talk about Saavy Shopping!

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