Rustic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Galvanized metal, reclaimed wood, and crisp white accents are key elements for creating that lived in, feel good rustic farmhouse style home. Your bathroom is no exception. Perhaps one of the most overlooked rooms in your home, adding just a few subtle pieces can have a huge impact. Rustic bathroom decorating ideas to help you achieve the look.


Rustic Vs Farmhouse- What is The Difference?

Although Rustic and Farmhouse have many similar elements, its easy to decipher the difference. The wood in rustic style pieces tend to have a “thick cut look”. The joints and tendons on high quality rustic furniture pieces are usually exposed. This fabulous style brings out that “woodsy feel” with darker colors and that ultra naturalistic wood grain. Rustic gives off the impression of the past. The distressed look can give pieces character and bring them to life. Galvanized metals and natural stones tend to lean more on the rustic side but are also used in creating farmhouse appeal.

Whereas farmhouse style is more of a traditional look and brings a more fresh feel vs rustic. Often times the pieces that are use in creating farmhouse decor tend to be painted verses leaving them in a natural state. The colors are usually lighter and have more of a “soft” feel about it. Soft white linens, mason jars and pieces that create contrast and texture like rugs and window treatments bring the farmhouse style together.


You need to create a foundation when starting any updates to your home. For your rustic theme the foundation could be a raw wood slab transformed into the counter top. You could use an old galvanized washbasin as a sink. Or perhaps a beautiful claw foot tub on reclaimed wood floors. Whatever you choose needs to be the thing that will stand out upon entering the room. This will set the whole mood for the other decor you add in. It is essentially the roots to the project. Use this Piece as a starting point. Lavender Fields.





Mix and Match

Bathrooms tend to be one of the main rooms in the house that get overlooked. Seems odd considering how much they are used. Believe it or not, we tend to use our bathroom more than we do or kitchens! Crazy right! Not to mention that guest will be using this area so a first impression is a lasting one!

When implementing rustic bathroom decorating ideas, try mixing it up. Here are a few examples to guide you.

Open wood shelving with crisp white linens will not only create contrast but they also complement each other beautifully. The rough texture of the wood paired with the softness from quality linen collections will add rustic warmth immediately.

Adding a rug that is textures ( like a braided pattern for instance) will blend perfectly with a white pedestal sink. This will bring that touch of rustic to any bathroom.

Another one of my favorite bath looks is the claw foot tub! If you are looking for true rustic charm, go with one of these gorgeous pieces. Paired with a deep colored wood caddy tray as an accent you can’t go wrong. This look is not only timeless it is also rustic with a touch of elegance.

What you want is to create a balance between textures and solid pieces.


Functional Storage

Creating storage in your rustic bathroom is a must. Apothecary Jars are a great idea for holding cotton swabs, cotton balls or other bathroom essentials. They are not only used as an accent but are functional as well.

Old baskets,trays or crates that can hold linens, soaps and extra toiletries will help your bathroom stay clean and organized while adding rustic charm.



To pull your rustic bathroom together, you will need to accent. There are so many options out there that are absolutely amazing.

Using signs can be a wonderful addition when creating accents. When choosing a sign, try to stay with the “bathroom” theme. Rustic framed  Mirrors can bring life to your space.

Antique water pitchers or metal baskets can be used to give the room age and create a type of feeling of earlier more simple days. By bringing natural accents such as a group of wild flowers or sprigs of lavender placed in an old pitcher can create a spa type feel and add softness and elegance.


Wrapping It Up

Rustic bathroom decorations can really make this forgotten room come alive. Remember that sticking to nature is key, along with implementing pieces of the past. You will easily be able to create the rustic spa like bathroom you love and create a showroom for family and guest to talk about.

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