Outdoor Solar Lights- Choosing The Best Lighting Possible

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Outdoor Solar lights- Choosing The Best Lighting Possible

You spend endless hours making your yard perfect. Planting flowers and shrubs to highlight the beautifully manicured lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. The most amazing walk way leading your guests step by step to the heart of your home. All of this beauty pulled together to create a daytime masterpiece you are so proud to display.

Then night falls…and all that eye catching glamour is gone, What a shame.

Outdoor solar lights are the key to enhancing and highlighting your labor of love. Light up those amazing walkways, showcase your amazing deck and show off those breathtaking flowers day or night.


Lets Shine Some Light On It

Not only are outdoor solar lights a great way to enhance your home, they are above all, cost effective. These lights  can be portable, long lasting and require absolutely no wiring. This saves valuable time and money while adding value, beauty and safety to your home.

The average light can last for years beyond the typical light bulb, with little to no maintenance except an occasional battery change between 5-7 years. Using the suns energy to create power they require no wiring and are very easy to install. The benefits you will gain from installing this type of outdoor lighting will amaze you.

Types of Lighting

Below I have compiled a list of several  types of popular outdoor solar lights. Choosing the correct light for placement is very important. You want the light to have enough illuminating coverage for the area it is intended for.


.   .    Path Solar Path lights Generally small, you will want a large number of them to line up along the                path to your home.When placed in an area where they will get a lot of sun during  the day, they will              illuminate the  path to easily make it to your home.The light is focused on the ground and usually                come mounted on stakes that are pushed into the ground.

  • Step Solar Step Lights are bent at a 90-degree angle. These can be installed over the edge of steps leading up to your porch or your deck. They can also be purchased as a flat looking stepping stone with the light directed upwards. Both of these types are used to prevent tripping and illuminate steps for patios and decks.
  • Deck– Solar Deck Lights can fit along the edging or deck rails. They provide you with plenty of light so that you can easily see where you are walking on your deck without the risk of tripping and injury. The perfect product to illuminating your deck area for family and guests. Although the amount of light is not ultra bright it is ample enough to see deck edges and stairs.
  • Address Solar Address Lights provide ample light for guests and emergency response personel to  read the address on your home. Easily installed almost anywhere as long as there is ample daylight for recharging. These Outdoor solar lights are a great addition to any home. Easily mounted to any surface such as siding, wood or metals.
  • Lamp Post Solar Lamp Post Lights come in a multitude of styles. Due to no electrical wiring required, they are a great way for home owners to create the more traditional lamp post look in yards and driveways. When mounted properly on the post they provide security and lighting and will last for years to come.
  • StringSolar String Lights are perfect for deck usage but can be used just about anywhere outdoors. They provide a ton of light for entertaining , come in a huge array of decorative styles and are very easy to install.  A great addition to create a festive backdrop for entertaining,weddings and just about any other party ventures. From mason jars to cute themed characters, there are string lights to fit every persons taste.
  • FloodSolar Flood Lights are mainly used as a home security option, these lights will spread over a vast area. They provide an amazing amount of light and only come on when an object triggers a built in sensor. These are a great option to the traditional hard wire type lighting and are easily mounted to the exterior of your home. Great for garages and doorway entries to provide lighting when entering or exiting homes and vehicles. Helps to detour break ins and unwanted guests during sleeping hours or while you are away.
  • Spot Solar Spot Lights are used to create focus on one general object. The lighting these provide are bright but do not tend to spread over a wide area. They are more a showcase light for flag poles or signs and are held in place by a small stake.
  • Features May Include
    • Remote Control
    • Dual function
    • Portable


These Solar lights are just a few of the types that you can find to add flare to your landscaping and exterior home needs. With so many styles and functions to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect outdoor solar light to enhance your yard appeal.r


Final Thoughts

When choosing what type of outdoor solar light is best suited for your home it is important to check for the amount of sunlight that will reach the sensor in order for these to illuminate at night. \ Using the correct solar for the area will provide just the right amount of light needed for safety and enhancement purposes.These can be beautiful additions to showcase your home and add detail to landscaping and creating curb appeal. With the amount of options available, from tradition to timeless, it is easy to find just the right one.

The biggest advantages to these outdoor lights are the money that the average homeowner will save over time on electric bills plus the cost of purchasing these compared to hardwired lights is unmatched.




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