My Shabby Chic Farmhouse

8 thoughts on “My Shabby Chic Farmhouse

  1. I chose your post about decorating ideas for the living room and got some good tips. It is that time of year where new (or old stored items) need to come out and get placed around the room in a balanced fashion.
    So you’ve helped me make a shopping list! I do need to look for new candles that will blend with the few I stored.The best ones I will never burn because they fit in all to well.
    So it is time to get out and check the local sales ( I couldn’t find links on your aarticle) and swap meets to find the best deals. I love home made items too, and your tips have given me some good ideas!

    1. Iam in the middle of revamping my site with a new theme. For some reason, My links are not working now but rest assured I am hard at work trying to fix this issue. I am very glad you did hiwever find my site useful! Please stay tuned in the future as I upgrade my site with new articles and rehash the existing link problems.

      My shabby Chic Farmhouse.

  2. My question is this-why did you have a nearly blank landing page? I used the category selection on that page and selected bathrooms. To my delight, the page is beautiful with fantastic images. I find the font hard to read, for me, but I see where it fits your niche nicely. If this was my choice, I might increase the size of the font for readability. You detail on the difference between rustic and farmhouse is very well explained. Bravo on a great website. 

    1. Dave,

      Thank you for the wonderful comments on my site. Iam glad you enjoyed the photos and are able to navigate my page with ease. As for the landing page, I do apologize for its lack of beauty! Iam in the middle of applying a new theme that will hopefully be more appealing to my readers. I will take a look at the fonts also. I want my followers to enjoy the time that is spend reading the articles and for everyone to be able to see each word with ease.

      My shabby Chic farmhouse

  3. Very nice ideas to make your home look better, I just read those 25 inspirational farmhouse decorating ideas for living room and especially the industrial farmhouse table would fit perfectly to my farmhouse style home, we are living here in the forest area and this is real Scandinavian countryside. Those decorating ideas with pumpkins look interesting as well, I will take a further look at your website and other articles out there. Thanks for sharing these good-looking and interesting articles!

    1. Iam Glad that you enjoyed my articles and found some inspiration. Please stay tuned for more up and coming home decor ideas! Best of luck in your own decorating adventures!
      My Shabby Chic farmhouse.

  4. There’s nothing like a nice, warm & cosy farmhouse. I love the old-fashioned lifestyle of life on the farm; family, laughs, great feasts & frightfully early mornings! 

    I think the traditional decoration of a farmhouse ought to be my favourite, I love the warm feeling of great comfortable couches with a real fire burning with plenty of wooden furniture.

    Do you know; are there stores that cater exclusively to farmhouse decoration?

    1. Hello Jack,

      It is always nice to find others who share my love of the farmhouse style. I have a love for rustic, laid back country styles and family get togethers. Below is a link to one of my a;;time favorite farmhouse stores if you are on a budget. Please feel free to click on the link to find incredible deals and beautiful products. Best of luck in your decorating adventures.

      My Shabby Chic Farmhouse

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