How To Create Girls Bedroom Decor On A Budget

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In just a few short hours you can turn a drab bedroom to a fab bedroom. Follow along as I show you a few secrets I use to create girls bedroom decor on a budget.


How It All Began

Let me give you a little background on how this all began. Every year for my grandchildren s birthdays, they decide what it is that they want grandma to make for them. From Paw Patrol dogs houses to Lightening McQeen cars, I have done it all! Believe me, there have been numerous projects that I didn’t think in a million years could ever be accomplished. Without fail (ok, maybe some) I somehow manage to pull every ounce of my creativity together and complete the request of my little chubby faced cherubs.

This year was no different. The little Cherub had spoken and I was on a mission to fulfill that request in a very short period of time. Anyone who knows me can tell you that every last one of my beautiful grand children have me wrapped around their little fingers and I pull out every trick in the book just so I can see that light in their eye when grandma once again makes their dream a reality.

. Today marks 6 glorious years for my beautiful grand daughter Piper. Her special request was to have a bedroom makeover, complete with a dress up corner, a princess bed and a big mirror so that she can put her make up on just like mommy. This little one is very much a diva and has high expectations so I defiantly had my work cut out. With only one week to transform a little girl room to a big girl palace, the race was on.

Let’s make a deal

I am one of the world biggest bargain hunters. I refuse to pay full price for anything. With 10 grand children, I have to be especially thrifty in order to fulfill the never ending wish list that they bestow upon me.

One of my favorite things to buy at huge discounted prices is paint. There are always a million options to choose from at nearly 90% of the original price. To me that’s a steal. The colors are usually what a customer has returned due to a mismatch mistake or just a change in decor plans. That’s when I stock up. I have a huge supply of paint just waiting to be used on a project that needs to be brought to life.

I recommend to always ask your local paint supply store if they have any discounted paint. It is not always in plain sight so you will sometimes need to ask. Usually you can grab a gallon that is at least somewhat close to what you were looking for in color. Don’t be afraid to bargain with the salesman. Usually they just want the paint gone and are willing to make a deal.

For my little princesses room, I just happened to find a stashed gallon of minty pastel green paint. The color is absolutely beautiful. Once my daughter applied two coats to the accent wall and then added a clear topcoat with a sparkle additive mixed in, the room started to take shape. We were well on our way to the glam room she was hoping for.

Hidden Treasures

When trying to create girls bedroom decor on a budget you have to have a wild imagination and somewhat of an idea on what pieces you can place in the room that are not only pleasing to the eye but also functional.

Never disregard that dusty old bench in the garage or a desk from you very first apartment that you have toted around for more than a decade. Face it, we all have a few buried pieces of ugly furniture stashed somewhere. If you don’t have anything available, ask friends and family if they have things lying around you may be able to use. Most people are more that willing to give you their junk just so they don’t have to deal with it.

Don’t forget yard sales and local online sale sites. You will be surprised what you can find for pennies on the dollar. If you like something about a piece of furniture, such as pretty engraving or contours, don’t be afraid to purchase the item. As long as the overall structure is in good shape, there is nothing that a little elbow grease, sanding and paint can’t fix.

For this particular girls bedroom decor, I chose a dusty old makeup vanity that had been in storage for about 15 years.

Upon first glance, you would have to agree the thing was hideous! The look on my daughters face said it all when I told her this is what I had chosen for her daughters bedroom. The smile I had one my face, like I had won the lottery, in no way matched the frown she presented.

The original piece

The makeover

Because I wanted this particular piece to be the focal point in the room, I opted for a bubble gum pink paint color. I know what you are thinking because to be quite honest, I wasn’t at all sure how this was gonna turn out if it did turn out at all.

The first order of business was to remove all the hardware from the drawers and then rough sand the whole thing. Rough sanding is an important step if you want your paint to adhere properly to the wood. Once I was satisfied I had removed all the faking pieces and smoothed out any rough edges it was time to clean the piece. Remember to use soap and water first to remove any foreign particles and dust created from sanding. Once it was completely dry, I used a lint free rag to remove any remaining dust that I might have missed. Next I gave the old hardware a good cleaning to remove the gunk and grime from years of storage.

the old hardware

Two coats of bubble gum pink paint later I was left with a make up vanity that looked like something straight out of a home decor nightmare magazine! Wow, that was a lot of Pink! I had to somehow tone that pink down and create a smoother look to the piece.

Thats a lot of Pink

I opted to use a royal gold color to outline the whole vanity. I also painted the drawer hardware with the same gold to match. That was exactly what it needed! Now it looked like a beautiful royal make up vanity fit for and glam girl/princess of any age!

finished project
Finished product

Little Additions

Its the little things in the end that tend to tie everything together. When I create girls bedroom decor on a budget I love to use signs with uplifting quotes on them. This not only creates eye-catching images when you walk in, it also fills up empty space throughout the room. Hand them on the wall or even in a frame on a desk.

Always look around your home to see what is available to use in any project you are doing. You will be surprised how you can stay within a budget by using your imagination instead of flying down to the local department store and spending a small fortune.

Girls also love frilly things and of course this little divas bedroom was no exception. For Pipers room, I hung a simple canopy above her bed that I made from white curtains and a metal wire wreath frame. Adding gold tie backs and fairy lights to blend the room together. A new comforter with a mix of white/gold. To create a corner for her dress up clothes, I used an old wall coat rack hanger painted in bubble gum pink to match the vanity and added a mirror beside it. Then just like that, her bedroom decor makeover on a budget was complete!

The whole room from start to finish cost me less that $50. How is that for a budget!!! This room turned out adorable and much more than what I had expected. She loves her new big girl space and so do I!

Finishing UP

I know how tight money can be these days and just how frugal a woman must become to keep the balance between necessities and trying to give her family everything they want. I have created so many beautiful spaces in our home on a very modest budget. Using not only my imagination, but also resources around me, I have been able to accomplish so much.

Using resources such as Pinterest and Google for inspiration will help you to create lovely spaces inside and out of your home. They have amazing photos and excellent step by step videos to aid you with any craft or DIY projects you want to tackle. Don’t be afraid of a little hard work and remember to always look for a bargain. NEVER,EVER pay full price for anything!! Last but not least, let your imagination run wild! If you can dream it, you can do it!


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9 Thoughts on “How To Create Girls Bedroom Decor On A Budget

  1. I just finished redoing my little girls bedroom and it cost me $40 thanks to you! I didn’t realize they sold paint like that! I was also able to use some things that had been stored away for years! All they needed was a little life brought back into them! I love reading your posts and can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. Thanks gabby! Iam so happy to hear that you found my blog useful. Iam always posting new material and tips for you to try, and am always available to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for the comment and good luck on your next project!

  2. Hi Tanya! Your blog is so adorable! I wanted to take a looksy when I saw the name of your post because I need to do my daughter’s bedroom as well but don’t have much money. You gave me some great ideas and also helped me think of some other ideas as well as I was reading your post. Yes, I agree with you on pinterest. Pinterest has so many different craft ideas and much more!

    1. You are very welcome and I am so glad you found this helpful. Best of luck with your daughters bedroom.  I am sure it will be adorable. Please like and follow my page to keep updated on my latest tips.

  3. You are a very awesome grandmother I must confess. This post is really educative and your tips are helpful. I am looking to help my younger sister retouch her room and seeing that all expenses are on me, I think I need to go economical. By the way, I never knew one can get good discounts on paints. Thank you so much, I hope she likes what I have done with her room 

    1. That is very sweet of you Henderson. I do love my grand kids that is for sure. glad you enjoyed my tips. Please like and share my page to keep updated with more helpful ideas soon to come.

  4. Hi, your post is very unique because I have never seen a post that talk about creativity, and am.grateful to your post because it came at the right time.I was thinking to make changes to my girls room, I will be following your steps to make my girls happy, I will be sharing your post for parents on my to also benefit from your post.

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate you spreading the word! Glad you enjoyed my article and that you found it helpful. Please like my page and share to keep updated with my latest tips.

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