How to choose the perfect Rustic Farmhouse interior Paint colors|Hues

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farmhouse  entrywayLearn how easy it is to choose the perfect farmhouse interior paint color|Hue. Find the perfect shade to help complement the rustic “Fixer Upper” farmhouse of your dreams!


So Many choices

Lets face it! Picking the perfect color isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be the most daunting task of all when it comes to designing our perfect rustic farmhouse.

With a million colors to choose from, its easy to pick the wrong one. What looks like the most beautiful color in the paint store, doesn’t always look the same on your living room wall! This is not just time-consuming, it can also turn our to be a very costly mistake.

There is nothing like painting a whole room in what your thought was a beautiful gray, only to realize that its was more of an easter parade purple instead. Yes, believe it or not, I have done this! That perfect shade of tan for my dining room wall turned out to be the color of a pink easter egg! It was awful to say the least. Not to mention the fact that my husband was less than impressed. Good thing he has patience and just goes with the flow( or not so flowing)at times!

Use your Resources

The internet can be your best friend when Choosing a paint scheme. Pinterest has sooo many ideas when it comes to Paint colors and Hues, (Yes, It’s OK to browse the internet while sipping your wine!) There are thousands of people out there doing renovations, it will be easy for your to find a color that your absolutely love. You can usually find the shade they used right on their page, but if not, just shoot them a message on there blog!

Your local lumber store also has paint swatch samples, so make sure to grab several cards in varying colors. This is one of my favorite parts of picking paint! Who cares that I got odd looks from the cashier like I was some crazy swatch hoarder or something!!

Not everyone is a pro like Johanna Gaines but if you use the internet as a guide, your will start to get a feel for how the experts use colors to create the base for the whole room.

The color your choose should not be the first thing that someone notices when they walk through the door. You want it to be the reason that the whole room ties together instead. Pick the wrong color and it will take away from all your other beautiful pieces in your home.

Picking the right Color

One of the most important things when picking the perfect farmhouse Paint, is to be conscience of the undertones. Grays tend to have purple undertones, whereas tans or browns tend to have pink undertones. This is a lot to take in, I know, but don’t fear because I have devised an easy way to see those sneaky undertones.

When looking at your paint swatches, look at the darkest color on the card first. This is where your can see the sneaky undertone the best. It will jump right out at you. That undertone will carry over to even the lightest paint on the swatch. If you happen to be choosing a pale color, using a white piece of paper behind the swatch. Normally, this helps to bring the colors out more so they are easier to see.

Tying it all Togetherrustic decor

One of the most important things you need to consider when painting any room, is LIGHTING!! You don’t want to use a dark color in a small room. This can cause your room to look smaller than it actually is and look cramped. Instead, opt for a lighter shade and throw a darker piece of furniture in to create a statement. Contrast is key! Lighter colors tend to open a room up and make it seem bright and airy.

You also need to consider the furniture and pieces you will be placing in the room. If your furniture is more whites and light colors than it is OK to add a deeper hue on the wall. Again, you want to create that contrast between the two.farmhouse decor

Some of my favorite Johanna Gaines go to colors, are hues in warm grays trimmed out in crisp whites. These two colors always look classic and beautiful when paired together. It’s what I feel gives a home that fresh Shabby Chic farmhouse feel!


Get samples

Once you have narrowed your choices down to a select few, I suggest going back to the lumber store and purchasing a few samples of each color. These can be purchased for just a few dollars each.

Paint an area of your wall in each color and let them dry. Paint tends to become a darker once it is fully dried so keep this in mind.

Stand back and look at each color. What undertone can your see in each color? Is it going to create the right contrast between your wall and furniture pieces? Also, Look at each color at different times of day as well. Natural light plays a key factor when choosing your paint. Your color may look totally different at 8 am compared to 8 pm.

Lots of paint talk but how does this all tie to Farmhouse style?

In my opinion, It all boils down to two basic colors when creating a farmhouse style. Grays and Whites. Neutrals colors are key to achieving a warm inviting home that you will love for years to come. You can create warm and cool tones with these two basic colors.

By adding blue or green undertones to your grays your can create cool undertones or add some taupe or tan undertones to that same paint color to achieve a warm undertone. It’s that easy!!

Just have fun! Now that your have some basic knowledge on choosing the right color, its time to create your masterpiece! Remember that we have all made mistakes when it comes to painting. ITS ONLY PAINT! Don’t be afraid to get it wrong a few times in the beginning. Your can always repaint (ugh!!!) if needed.

All the Pretty colors!

Paint is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to give your home a face lift.I hope this helps you when its time to choose your own paint colors. If your still cannot find the perfect shade feel free to use Johanna Gaines Color palette guide on Pinterest or Google. If anyone can inspire you, Johanna Gaines can! You will be on your way to your own perfect Shabby Chic Farmhouse.




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