Cheap Birthday Decoration Ideas

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Cheap Birthday Decoration Ideas

Make Decorating fun for birthdays. Here are a few of my own favorite Cheap Birthday Decoration Ideas with photos to give you inspiration. Lets get going!


Cardboard Creations

One of the cheapest ways I have personally found to create themed birthday party decorations is by utilizing what I have available at home. Cardboard is especially one of my best beloved possessions. I know what you are thinking right now, but you can literally make anything out of it. Cars, houses, swords… You name it. The possibilities are truly endless. Below are a few of my favorites decorations I have created for my grand childrens birthday parties using nothing but a cardboard box and Paint.


Party Supplies

I don’t spend much on party supplies. My number one goal I make when planning these parties, is to make a budget and stick to it. You can find fantastic bargains at local thrift shops, dollar tree Stores or online party bargain stores.

For instance, If you are planning a princess party, its easy to find tons of princess party dresses for cheap within a thrift store. These can be a great hit for little girls to be able to transform themselves into a beautiful princess. They are also reusable for other parties you have giving you more bang for your buck.


Making delicious goodies for your party should be hard or expensive. Be creative and look to pinterest and Google for amazing ideas to help you.

Making homemade cakes and cupcakes is way less expensive than store bought. Start with a solid color and than add your own decorations. It easy to make your food come to life!

Below are a few of the Cheapest party food decorations I have made. They were supper simple and took no time at all. Not to mention the kids loved them and I was super grandma to the adults.






Diy Decorations

Making cheap party decorations is less complicated than you think. I learned how to make the cutest Pinatas by watching online video tutorials. If I can do it you can too! Pinatas are great additions to any Party.

Look around your home. There are endless possibilities to create magic with the things you have lying around. For a recent paw patrol party, I used an oatmeal container, a cardboard toilet paper roll and a plastic bowl on top, painted it red and Tada!!! an instant fire hydrant to go with my Paw Patrol House. Less than five minutes and nearly zero cost is all it took!

Amazing right. Use your imagination and be creative. Use resources to find inspiration and Diy tutorials will be your best friend.

Last But Not Least

Don’t stress yourself out! Kids don’t care if your unicorn pinata looks more like a donkey ( yes mine did)! all they care about is that you made it and they are having fun. Enjoy this time with your child and create memories along the way. These little gestures are what your child will remember for years to come, not the store bought cake from Walmart.


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6 Thoughts on “Cheap Birthday Decoration Ideas

  1. I have 2 daughters 8 and 3. I would like to build them a doll house out of crafting materials. The catch is i need to do it cost efficient because we live on a budget. Any ideas on what i should do to buy cheap materials but still make it look nice?

    1. You can always find a heavy duty cardboard box if you really want to save money. It’s so easy to cut windows and doors out of it! You can even make furniture. Paint it up pretty and there ya go! Less then $10!!

  2. I love all the decorations you have made for the girls’ parties. I appreciate it!!! You do such a wonderful job, very creative!!!

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