25 Inspirational Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For A Living Room

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By Tanya Billings

September 3, 2019

25 Inspirational Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For A Living Room


The amount of time spent in your living room entertaining, whether it be with family or friends, is all the more reason you should want it to feel comfortable, functional and most of all inviting. The problem is, Incorporating all these things together. It can be a little bit tricky. Not to worry. Just sit back, relax and take a look at these 25 Inspirational Farmhouse Decorating ideas for a Living Room. Peek Inside to find the best tips, tricks and shopping suggestion on where to buy similar products just like the ones you see the pros decorating with.

The Perfect Seating

When you walk into any home and make your way to the living Room area, the first thing that most people will see and focus on will be your couch. Believe it or not, this piece of furniture is the centerpiece of the room. It is what makes your area comforting and inviting. It sends that message to the friends and family who come to visit and calls to you after a long day at work to come in and sink down into the cozy comfort that awaits you.

You may be asking yourself, what Exactly does a farmhouse couch look like anyway? Well, there truly is no one right answer. Here are a few guides that the pros use when they are Decorating a living room area.

Often times the material of choice when it comes to a farmhouse style couch or chair, is an extremely soft yet durable fabric, like quarts or microfibers. These materials hold up well to stains and are favored for a household with pets. To create the warm inviting feeling, the colors that inspire this look are earthy palettes, neutrals, and soft creams. Rounded arms and a tuffed back are other style features when choosing seating. When your budget will not allow for the new couch purchase, you can always opt for couch slip covers, You would be very surprised how they can revamp your old outdated seats, giving it a fresh farmhouse feel.

Little Additions Make All The Difference

One of the must haves to complete that soft, inviting cozy farmhouse seating look would be the addition of throw pillows. Whether it be a couch or chair these little gems are paired with, pillows add dimension and interest to furniture.

Oversize, textured and often times with pops of color, the throw pillow can be the key ingredient that will transform your entire space. This is where you start to get that homey feeling while you begin your living room adventure.

Another one of my favorite farmhouse additions that I add to almost every room in the house is the throw blanket. The forever beautiful and oh so cozy Cable knit Throw blanket is an absolute have to have!. Who doesn’t like wrapping up with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee.

Industrial Farmhouse Table

More often than not you will notice that professional decorators choose large square coffee tables when creating the farmhouse look. With the deep colors of wood and vintage inspired industrial boldness of caster style wheels, these types of coffee tables are an extension of your seating area. The contrast given between the soft earthy colored linens of the furniture next to the industrial rougher look of the tables creates a beautiful awe-inspiring area you will love.

Placing Lanterns, candles and baskets on top of you table to give it some softness and help blend the room together. Always staying within a similar color scheme of warm earthy tones will help you tie the room together without drowning out other statement pieces. You want each thing you choose to place in the living room to have its own personality without taking away from the rest of your decor.

Light And Airy

Farmhouse style curtains are a must for any Living Room. These non tradition curtains are hung from floor to ceiling, creating the illusion that the room is much larger than it appears. Billowing white material bring attention to the bright airy feel of a modern day farmhouse and opens up the room. Curtains create the soft comforting feeling of home. Opt for sheer material that add dimension and softness the room.

You cannot help but smile when warm sunshine pours through the sheer curtains to lights up a room bathing you in its glow of rays. Keep things open and airy.

Odds And Ends

Look at most photos you see of farmhouse living rooms. They all have similar decor that is used to create that homey feel. Industrial type decor, galvanized metals, candles, signs, baskets and trays seem to away be present. By mixing these in throughout the room you will begin to see how all this works as a team. One piece uses the other piece as a compliment. Less is more sometimes. Don’t clutter the room with statement decor, Use the items to warm the room and make it inviting not overwhelming.

In closing

Any time you redecorate a room in your home it can be a daunting task. Decorating a living room farmhouse style is actually one of the easiest types of decor to impliment in a home. Stay with earthy tones,mixed with some industrial type objects, rich aged woods, soft linens and textures mixed throughout. You will have a fabulous Farmhouse living room in no time.

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Tanya Billings

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